LAC aims to provide outlets for youth to showcase their talents; learn about the business and new aspects of the industries and receive educational grants to further their education.  As a result, our programs focus on education and showcasing your talents and skills enhancement.


The programs will train students on key skills required to make a career in the arts, entertainment and sports industries. It will also focus on inspiring and polishing entrepreneurial talents.


Become A Volunteer

Volunteers are the foundation of any organization. If you cannot donate or purchase a membership, volunteering is just as valuable. Volunteers are awarded membership and other rewards for supporting the movement.

Volunteer activities include but are not limited to outreach, assisting with events, planning, promotion and more. To learn more click on the volunteer button and signup. A representative will contact you about the volunteer program.



Register for a Program

Hip Hop for Youth Personal Empowerment is using the study and creation of the hip-hop culture to build leaders through problem solving, team building, and responsibility.



DMV Soccer & Basketball Sports Leagues

Structured as an after school program to run from November through March.  DMV high school students will have a chance to be chosen to represent the best of the best of their respective ward or county.  Five teams will be chosen with 12 players each who will go head to head to win the Crown of the DMV.



Seminars / Workshops

Seminars or workshops will be held and videotaped for online viewing of the different business aspects of the arts, entertainment and sports industries.



Careers in Sports and Entertainment

This is a two-day series/tour held on a college campus whereas successful individuals speak on their career, provide advice and inspiration.  Additionally, students will be introduced to the college experience via activities and campus exposure.



Field Trips & Boot Camps

To introduce new sports like Golf, Polo, and Racing to at risk youth, LAC will arrange outings at discounted rates for members.  For example, golf clinics, horseback riding and Nascar racing events.



Writing Contests

Quarterly essay and slam contests will be held to provide cash prizes to the winner. Categories include Poetry and short stories by age group.



Student Film Festival

Once per year, LAC will accept entries for an online or offline film festival.  A series of judges will vote on the top films to be showcased in Washington, DC.Thereafter, judges and online votes will determine the Film Festival Winner.



RazeWunUP Arts & Humanities Music Festival

Formerly known as "The Cornucopia Music Festival", utilizing the arts to bridge gaps, empower communities, and create safe spaces for marginalized groups to express themselves.  Artists are invited to showcase their talents. There will be no boundaries on genre, gender, background or artistic styling of expression. The festival will showcase a diverse group of musical artists, musicians and dancers competing for exposure and prizes. Visual artists will exhibit and sell their work. Cinema lovers will be able to view work by independent filmmakers and mixed media artists. Comedians will hit the stage to keep the laughter flowing.  The festival is for everyone from all walks of life.



What If I Say Yes?

An educational DVD and CD series that addresses some of the common problems and consequences facing youth today, particularly those present in the sports, music and entertainment industries.


Business & Finance Skills


A seminar that provides information on minding your own business, managing money, taxes and credit.  It answers the questions, as to how much money celebrities really earn, spend and lose along the way.


Entrepreneurship & Team Building


A seminar that explains what you need to build a business and the importance of your team.


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January 14, 2017

Cardio with Christina

9:00 am

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Chris Fit

January 14, 2017

Boxing with Jasmine

9:30 am

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Jasmine Aziz

January 14, 2017

Weight Lifting with Iron

10:00 am

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Iron Mike