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LAC aims to provide safe and inclusive outlets for youth to showcase their talents; learn about the business and new aspects of the arts and entertainment industries. Students can also receive grants to further their educational goals.  Our programs focused on education, business knowledge and job skills and showcasing their talents and leadership skills.

The programs will train students on key skills required to make a career in the arts, entertainment and sports industries. It will also focus on inspiring, nurturing and polishing their entrepreneurial talents.


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Video & Audio Production Services

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Artverse Media Hub: Where Creativity Takes Center Stage

Photoshoot Setup

Start Date: TBA

Entrepreneurship & Team Building

Team Talk

Fall 2024

Business & Finance Workshops

Business Meeting


Career Development & Job Training

Filming a Presentation


What If I Say Yes (WISSY 
(Youth Program for 9th - 12th grade)

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Fall 2024

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Please Donate whatever you can.
We are also in need of 
New film and editing equipment for the youth. Most importantly space to house our organization that our youth can call a save space of creativity.
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Volunteers are the foundation of any organization. If you cannot donate or purchase a membership, volunteering is just as valuable. Volunteers are awarded membership and other rewards for supporting the movement.

Volunteer activities include but are not limited to outreach, assisting with events, planning, promotion and more. To learn more click on the volunteer button and signup. A representative will contact you about the volunteer program.

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