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Leadership and Arts Coalition is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to use the arts to improve and enhance the educational landscape in marginalized communities. We understand the importance of bringing together individuals and entities to improve the outcomes for all. Our primary goal is to raise awareness and money to support artistic expression through unity, inclusion, and bridging economic gaps.


Leadership and Arts Coalition was founded two years ago by a group of creatives and community activists. During the founder’s professional careers, they noticed a lack of opportunity and education among the target audience. Our vision is to work closely with our partners across industries to teach, develop and train young people interested in pursuing a career in the arts and entertainment fields. Idleness and social disconnection are among the biggest problems for at risk-youth today. The vulnerable youth in Washington, DC (the nation’s capital) are ranked number one.


LAC recognizes artists as the true historical storytellers and empowers them to help communicate, educate, advocate, and bridge gaps in under-served communities. Our program aims to properly prepare aspiring artists, athletes, and entertainers on the business behind the fame, fortune, and stardom.


LAC also organizes workshops, programs, and events in sports, technology, financial literacy, as well as provide educational grants and scholarships. LAC conducts yearly fundraisers, festivals, sports tournaments, conferences, and seminars.


Clarence Carter


    US Army Veteran/Volunteer/Social Servant

    BS Entertainment Business (Full Sail University

    Cassandra "Cass" Riddick


    Executive Director

    Indie Filmmaker/Entrepreneur/Social Servant

    Passionate Artist/Compassionate Coach

    BS Communications (Bowie State University)

    Hunter Hawkins

    Member/Social Media Manger/

    Program Director/Basketball Coach

    Senior Year at (University of Miami)

    BS., ED., Sports Administration

    Minor in Journalism and Creative Writing

    Micah Thomas

    Member/Program Director


    DC Public Charter School Teacher

    BS Communications & Culture (Howard University)

    Kwanza Dixon

    Member/Program Director


    President of Gate Castings

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    Egypt Dorsey

    Member/Program Director


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    Family Life Community Center


    "Impacting Our Community One Family At A Time"

    Constitutient Services Worldwide


    "We have one guiding purpose—to empower citizens to complete their goals".






    Clarence Carter



    Cassandra Riddick


    Karen McFarlane

    Founder of Kaye Media Partners

    President of New York AMA


    Danny Jiminian


    Entertainment Law, Business, IP, Nonprofits

    Latino Creative/Jeet Kune Do/USMC Vet


    Elecia James

    "The Girl Ambassador"

    Educator/Motivational Speaker/Musician


    Former Chief of Staff for the National Council of Women

    Mike Mulleavey

    Board of Director of Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Studio Program