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LAC uses art, education and training as the tools and resources to help

marginalized youth rise above poverty and strengthen their communities.

LAC is a Maryland/DC based non-profit organization whose mission is to use the arts to improve and enhance the educational landscape in marginalized communities. Its primary goal is to raise awareness and money to support artistic expression through unity, inclusion and bridging economic gaps.


Leadership and Arts Coalition was founded in 2019 by a group of creatives and community activists. During the founder’s professional careers, they noticed a lack of opportunity and education among their target audience. LAC's vision is to work closely with our partners across industries to teach, develop and train young people interested in pursuing a career in the arts and entertainment industries.  Idleness and social disconnection are among the biggest problems for at risk-youth today. Since, COVID the vulnerable youth in the DMV have been in need of turning their negative energy and bad choices into positivity that impacts them and their communities.


LAC recognizes artists as the true historical storytellers and empowers them to help communicate, educate, advocate, and bridge gaps in marginalized and under-served communities that struggle with food insecurity, poverty, and homelessness. Our program aims to properly prepare aspiring artists, creatives, athletes, and entertainers on the business behind the fame, fortune, and stardom.


LAC also organizes workshops, programs, and events in sports, technology, financial literacy, as well as provide educational grants and scholarships. LAC conducts yearly fundraisers, festivals, sports tournaments, conferences, and seminars.

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