The work of Leadership and Arts Coalition is sustained by donors like you.  In addition to yearly membership dues, we depend on individual and organizational support to fund our vision and strengthen communities.
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Join Leadership and Arts Coalition to become a part of a movement whose mission is to build bridges, strengthen communities through education and the arts.
Do you believe that art heals?
Do you believe in equitable, thriving and diverse communities of creativity and expression here in the DMV, across the US and globally?
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  • Become an organizational member.

  • Download the pdf, fill out and email us the form.

  • For additional information please email us.


  • Volunteers are the foundation of any organization.

  • Volunteer activities include but are not limited to outreach, assisting with events, planning, promotion and more.

  • If you are interested please fill out the form below.


  • Host a fundraiser event to raise revenue and to bring the community together. Raise awareness, exchange knowledge and information.

  • Make in-kind contributions.

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Membership Perks
As a member of Leadership and Arts Coalition, this year marks the first annual membership drive. Everyone joining the coalition in 2020, will be awarded the founding members title and rates will remain the same in perpetuity.
Members will have access to LAC events, discounts on workshops, consulting and video production services and LAC merchandise. Discounts on products and services from LAC’s partners.
Access to LAC’s membership listing to help connect and encourage members to support one another and provide information about job listings, grants and business opportunities in the arts, entertainment, media, sports and technology industries.