Anytime you get more than a couple black women together, you’re creating this powerful mechanism for change.”



- Kimberly Bryant

CEO of Black Girls Code


About Us

LAC mobilizes artists,

the true historical storytellers, to help communicate, educate, advocate and bridge gaps.

Leadership and Arts Coalition is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to use the arts to improve and enhance the educational landscape in marginalized communities. We understand the importance of bringing together individuals and entities to improve the outcomes for all. Our primary goal is to raise awareness and money to support artistic expression through unity, inclusion, and bridging economic gaps.


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Hi! My name is Taylor and I'm a storyteller. As a kid (and even as an adult), I asked a lot of questions. That curiosity is what led me to pursue a degree in Broadcast Journalism. From there, I learned through various mediums how to better understand and tell the stories of different people everywhere.--